May 10, 2022

Welcome to Fountain of Hope's page dedicated to OCALICON! As a leading organization in the community and society of faith and beliefs, we are proud to organize and host this extraordinary event. OCALICON serves as a platform for promoting awareness, knowledge, and support for individuals with disabilities and their families.

The Importance of OCALICON

OCALICON, an acronym for "Ohio Center for Autism and Low Incidence," is an annual conference that brings together professionals, educators, families, and individuals with disabilities from various backgrounds. This highly anticipated event offers a unique opportunity to learn, connect, and collaborate with experts in the field.

At Fountain of Hope, we believe in providing a platform that allows individuals with disabilities and their families to access the resources, guidance, and support they need to lead fulfilling lives. OCALICON aligns perfectly with our mission, as it offers a wealth of information, cutting-edge research, and practical strategies to improve the lives of those living with disabilities.

What to Expect at OCALICON

OCALICON is a multi-day conference packed with exciting sessions, workshops, presentations, and networking opportunities. Our team has meticulously curated a diverse program that addresses a wide range of topics related to disabilities, education, healthcare, technology, and more.

During OCALICON, you can expect to:

  • Attend engaging keynote speeches by renowned experts in the field
  • Participate in interactive workshops and breakout sessions
  • Explore the latest assistive technologies and innovations
  • Connect with like-minded individuals and organizations committed to making a positive impact
  • Access valuable resources, educational materials, and research findings

Our Commitment to Empowerment

At Fountain of Hope, we firmly believe in the power of knowledge and community. OCALICON emphasizes the importance of empowerment, fostering an environment where individuals can feel validated, supported, and inspired.

By attending OCALICON, you become part of a larger movement that advocates for inclusion, accessibility, and equal opportunities. We strive to create an environment free from judgment, where all voices are heard and valued.


We invite you to join us at OCALICON and be part of this remarkable event. Whether you are a parent, caregiver, educator, or professional working in the field of disabilities, OCALICON offers something for everyone.

At Fountain of Hope, we are dedicated to fostering a sense of belonging and community. OCALICON is more than just a conference – it's a celebration of resilience, strength, and the limitless potential of individuals with disabilities.

Stay tuned for updates on our website and social media channels for the latest details on OCALICON. We look forward to welcoming you to this extraordinary gathering that amplifies the voices of those who deserve to be heard.

Jennifer Pendleton
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Oct 9, 2023