Considerations for Summary of Performance (SOP)

May 20, 2021


Summary of Performance (SOP) plays a crucial role in the transition planning process for students with disabilities. At Fountain of Hope, a community and society website dedicated to faith and beliefs, we understand the importance of providing comprehensive information to help individuals and families navigate through this significant phase effectively.

Transition Planning and the IEP

Transition planning is an integral part of the Individualized Education Program (IEP) for students with disabilities. It focuses on preparing individuals for life after high school, including postsecondary education, employment, and independent living. The SOP is a crucial component of the transition planning process and provides valuable information about an individual's strengths, needs, and achievements.

The Purpose of SOP

The primary purpose of the Summary of Performance is to document a student's academic and functional abilities as they complete high school. It serves as a tool to promote successful transitions by providing a comprehensive picture of the student's skills and accomplishments. The SOP encompasses various domains, including academic achievement, functional performance, and recommendations for future interventions.

Components of SOP

The Summary of Performance typically includes:

  • Assessment results: This section provides an overview of the student's performance on standardized tests, classroom assessments, and any other relevant evaluations.
  • IEP goals and progress: It outlines the goals set in the Individualized Education Program and the progress made towards achieving them.
  • Accommodations and modifications: This segment highlights the specific accommodations and modifications that have been effective in supporting the student's learning.
  • Transition services: It discusses the services and supports provided to assist the student in transitioning from high school to postsecondary education or the workforce.
  • Independent living skills: This section focuses on the student's abilities in taking care of themselves, including daily living skills, time management, and personal responsibility.
  • Postsecondary goals: The SOP identifies the student's aspirations and desired outcomes for postsecondary education, employment, and independent living.

Considerations for SOP

When developing the Summary of Performance, several considerations need to be taken into account:

1. Utilizing Input from Multiple Sources

It is crucial to gather input from various stakeholders involved in the student's education, including teachers, therapists, and parents. This comprehensive approach ensures that the SOP reflects a complete overview of the student's capabilities.

2. Tailoring Recommendations for Transition

Transition planning for each student should be individualized and tailored to their unique strengths, needs, preferences, and interests. The SOP should provide clear recommendations for transition services and support that align with the student's postsecondary goals.

3. Connecting with Postsecondary Institutions and Agencies

Collaborating with postsecondary education institutions, vocational training programs, and community agencies can help ensure seamless transitions for students. It is essential to establish connections early on to explore available services, application processes, and eligibility requirements.

4. Ongoing Communication and Updates

The SOP should not be a static document. Regular communication and updates between the student, the IEP team, and other relevant individuals are necessary to adjust and refine the transition plan as needed.

5. Advocacy and Self-Determination

Empowering students to actively participate in their transition planning encourages self-advocacy and self-determination. The SOP should provide opportunities for students to express their preferences, interests, and goals.


At Fountain of Hope, we understand the significance of Summary of Performance in the transition planning process for students with disabilities. By considering and addressing the important aspects outlined above, individuals and their families can embark on successful postsecondary endeavors, fulfilling their dreams and aspirations.

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