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Dec 27, 2019

About Fountain of Hope

Welcome to Fountain of Hope, a community-driven organization committed to providing support and resources for families with children who have autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Our mission is to enhance the lives of individuals affected by ASD through education, advocacy, and empowerment. With a focus on faith and beliefs, we aim to create a nurturing environment where every child can reach their full potential. Our team of professionals and volunteers are dedicated to making a positive impact in the lives of children and families.

The Importance of Early Autism Screening

Early screening and detection of autism in toddlers and young children is vital for early intervention and improved outcomes. Autism is a neurodevelopmental disorder that affects social interaction, communication, and behavior. By identifying signs of autism at an early stage, appropriate interventions can be implemented to support the child's development.

Introducing the Autism Screening Tool

At Fountain of Hope, we understand the significance of early autism screening. That's why we have developed a comprehensive and user-friendly Autism Screening Tool specifically designed for parents, caregivers, and healthcare professionals. Whether you are a concerned parent or a healthcare practitioner, our screening tool can assist you in evaluating a child's risk of autism.

How Does Our Screening Tool Work?

Our Autism Screening Tool is based on the latest research and diagnostic criteria established by experts in the field. It consists of a series of questions and observations that assess various areas of a child's development, including communication, social skills, and repetitive behaviors. By carefully considering the responses and observations, our tool provides an indication of whether further evaluation by a healthcare professional is recommended.

Features of Our Screening Tool

1. User-Friendly Interface

Our screening tool is designed with a user-friendly interface, making it accessible for parents, caregivers, and healthcare professionals alike. The intuitive layout and clear instructions ensure a smooth screening experience.

2. Comprehensive Assessment

We have developed a thorough assessment that covers a wide range of developmental areas associated with autism. The questions and observations in our tool are carefully crafted to capture key indicators of autism spectrum disorder.

3. Educational Resources

In addition to the screening tool, Fountain of Hope provides a wealth of educational resources to help parents and caregivers better understand autism and support their child's needs. We believe that knowledge is power, and aim to empower families with the information they need to navigate the challenges of autism.

4. Accessible Anytime, Anywhere

Our screening tool is accessible online, allowing users to complete the assessment at their convenience. All you need is a device with internet access, and you can begin the screening process right away. We have made it convenient for busy parents and healthcare professionals to access this valuable tool.


Early detection of autism plays a crucial role in improving outcomes for children with autism spectrum disorder. Fountain of Hope is dedicated to supporting families by providing a reliable and comprehensive Autism Screening Tool. Our commitment to the community, combined with our focus on faith and beliefs, sets us apart as a trusted resource in the field of autism support. Start using our screening tool today and take the first step towards empowering your child and ensuring a brighter future.

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