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Nov 23, 2019


Welcome to the Customized Employment Guide page of Fountain of Hope's website. As a leading organization in the Community and Society - Faith and Beliefs category, we aim to provide comprehensive information and resources to help individuals with disabilities achieve their career goals through customized employment.

What is Customized Employment?

Customized Employment is an innovative approach to finding and maintaining meaningful employment opportunities for individuals with disabilities. It focuses on the unique skills, interests, and abilities of each individual, tailoring their job search and the job itself to match their specific strengths and needs.

The Benefits of Customized Employment

Customized Employment offers a range of benefits to individuals with disabilities:

  • Increased Job Satisfaction: By aligning their skills and interests with suitable employment opportunities, individuals experience greater job satisfaction and motivation.
  • Improved Workplace Inclusion: Customized Employment promotes diversity and inclusivity in the workplace, fostering a supportive and accepting environment for individuals with disabilities.
  • Enhanced Productivity: Matching individuals' strengths and abilities to their job tasks leads to increased productivity and efficiency in the workplace.
  • Higher Job Retention Rates: With the right supports and accommodations, individuals have a higher likelihood of maintaining long-term employment.

How Does Customized Employment Work?

Customized Employment follows a person-centered approach, focusing on the specific needs and aspirations of individuals with disabilities. The process typically involves:

1. Discovery and Exploration

During this phase, employment specialists work closely with the individual to identify their strengths, talents, skills, and preferences. They explore potential career paths, taking into account the individual's interests and aspirations.

2. Job Development and Negotiation

Employment specialists collaborate with potential employers to create customized job opportunities that match the individual's skills and interests. They negotiate job tasks, schedules, accommodations, and other necessary supports.

3. Training and On-the-Job Support

After securing employment, individuals receive training and ongoing on-the-job support to ensure a smooth transition into their new role. This support may include job coaching, assistive technology, and workplace accommodations.

4. Job Retention and Career Advancement

Customized Employment focuses not only on securing employment but also on promoting job retention and career advancement. Employment specialists provide ongoing support to help individuals overcome workplace challenges, develop new skills, and explore advancement opportunities.

Resources for Customized Employment

At Fountain of Hope, we understand the importance of equipping individuals with disabilities, employers, and employment specialists with valuable resources to support the implementation of Customized Employment. Here are some resources to explore:

1. Customized Employment Toolkit

Our comprehensive toolkit offers practical guides, templates, and strategies to navigate the Customized Employment process effectively. It covers everything from discovery and job development to post-employment support and career advancement.

2. Success Stories

Discover inspiring success stories of individuals who have found meaningful employment through Customized Employment. These stories highlight the positive impact it has on individuals' lives and their journeys toward independence and self-fulfillment.

3. Training Programs

We provide training programs for individuals, employers, and employment specialists to enhance their understanding of Customized Employment. These programs offer valuable insights, strategies, and best practices to ensure successful implementation.

4. Employment Partnerships

As part of our commitment to Customized Employment, we establish partnerships with organizations, employers, and stakeholders involved in promoting inclusive employment opportunities for individuals with disabilities. These partnerships help create a supportive network for individuals seeking customized employment.


At Fountain of Hope, we believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to achieve meaningful employment. Our Customized Employment Guide provides a wealth of information and resources to help individuals with disabilities navigate their path to success. By embracing the power of Customized Employment, we can create a more inclusive society where everyone can thrive in their chosen careers.

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